Free MongoDB course from 10Gen

I’ve been taking the free M101 MongoDB for Developers class offered by 10Gen, and I gotta say, it’s awesome.

mongodb courses

There are a few things that I love about the M101 course:

10Gen goes through MongoDB step by step, without any assumption of prior knowledge (although, you’re hopefully proficient at using the terminal on your computer.) The lessons are clear and simple, with a short quiz after each lecture.

Python and the Bottle microframework were chosen as the app development platform for demonstrating MongoDB. I couldn’t ask for more than this, since I’m currently learning Python also, and I’ve been using Bottle for a few things like a Google App Engine API that I developed for him. This will round out my knowledge of these components without distracting from learning MongoDB.

1980 Kawasaki KZ750 Twin

I purchased an inexpensive 1980 Kawasaki KZ750 Twin from a friend. Here’s what it looked like when I got it:

After having some engine work done by Al at Silver Bullit Cafes, I started work by flipping the stupid clubman handle bars the proper direction. My assumption is that the previous owner discovered that the front turn signals were too big, so they just put the bars on backwards. It was an easy fix.

That color, that hideous “ruby” red maroon color, had been sitting in the sun for too long and had turned into a sort of pinkish lavender color. Doing what any self respecting man would do, I rattle-canned the beast.

The next steps are: Replace the seat, paint the front fender, paint the 6″ black racing stripe down the tank, clear coat everything.


JavaScript setInterval is a pain in my behind

I’ve been debugging some javascript code that uses the setInterval function to loop through some some code, and I was pulling my hair out. Apparently there is a bug in the ECMAScript (AKA, JavaScript) itself concerning that function, where it doesn’t keep track of the process like a normal variable/function declaration should, so if you lose the reference to each and every instance of it, WHOOF it’s gone and you’re busy debugging something that SHOULD WORK (but doesn’t).

So yes, if you have ever wondered the best way to use setInterval, the dude at Wall of Scribbles done figured it out for you:

setInterval(): the sneaky basterd child of JavaScript

Deep Fried Beer

We were joking at the Spokane Build Guild meeting last week, when someone suggested Deep Fried Beer.

Such a good idea. Deep Fried Beer. It’s like combining Darth Vader and Pink Floyd into one entity, it’s so cool.

This of course leads us to wonder, “IS it possible to deep fry beer?”

Yes. Yes, indeed.

The coolest OSX screen saver yet

If you’re into cats, that is. I’m not really into cats, but I am into annoying my room mate. This screen saver is likely to strain our relationship, but it is totally worth it.

Here’s the plan:

1) We will take this website (http://procatinator.com/):

2) Download the websaver screensaver from google code. (http://code.google.com/p/websaver/)

3) Add http://procatinator.com/ to the settings of websaver:

4) Enjoy, as random cat images dance to random youtube music whilst your room mate gets angry with you when you computer playing random music when you leave the room.

Laura’s Twelve Hundred Times

Laura is one of my all time favorite post-rock bands, despite the fact that a lot of people have never heard of them. Epic on the scale of Godspeed, but with less of the extended filler sections (Sorry Godspeed, you’re amazing, but seriously. If you tightened some of your stuff up, I’d listen to you more. As it is, some of the sections within some of your songs are like Robert Fripp’s noodling “improvs” in mid-era King Crimson. Probably fun at the time, but not really that musically interesting. But I digress.)

They’re heavy, soft, quiet, loud, intense and -->Insert post-rock adjective here<-- but to the best possible degree. Also, one of the rare post-rock bands that doesn’t mind having vocals. Andrew Chalmers’ voice kinda reminds me of Greg Lake of King Crimson/ELP, breathy and soothing, but with an edge. (Bonus points for two references to KC in one post! I’m on a roll!)

Anywho, new album. I’m in love!