Python batch file rename one liner

Batch file renaming is no fun, and I’m sick of Googling it every time I want to do it. For instance, if you wanted to replace underscores (_) with hyphens (-), what’s the least amount of thinking I need to do?

Also, is there an easy way to do it that is easily modifiable?

BOOM! Right here:

Mogwai’s Les Revenants


Mogwai sounds like Mogwai, and this latest release is simply a re-statement of why Mogwai is awesome and where post-rock went wrong.

Mogwai’s latest effort, the soundtrack to the French television show Les Revenants, is much different than their last full length release Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. But unlike what a lot of reviews have stated, it’s not really too far off of the mark of some of the work they’ve released in the past. The ambient “piano in a cave” sound isn’t new to Les Revenants, as evidenced by Radar Maker (from 1997’s Young Team), Oh! How The Dogs Stand Up (Come On Die Young), or even as recently as Get to France (from 2011’s Earth Division EP).

Seeing them demonstrate their legendarily bombastic show at the Showbox in Seattle was one of the greatest concerts I’ve ever been to, but my favorite Mogwai album is their subdued Come On Die Young from 1999. Mogwai has put out a lot of cool music over the past decade, not all of it rattle-your-fillings heavy metal dirges.

This is a perfect example of where post-rock went wrong. Name me the biggest names in post-rock (as it is played now), and I’ll show you a handful of bands who wish they were Godspeed You! Black Emperor. As good as GY!BE is/was, it was a mistake, albeit an honest one and certainly not their fault, for their particular brand of instrumental post-modern rock to be the most imitated. If the myriad post-rock bands around the world could show the versatility of Mogwai, the willingness to not pigeonhole themselves, the entire genre would be better off for it.

Their new soundtrack album sounds exactly like Mogwai, which is fantastic.

SpoCode Hackathon

spocode hackathon poster

I’m only just now getting around to writing about this, but I was one of the organizers of last week’s 24-hour SpoCode Hackathon. As the moderator, it was my duty to make sure that all of the participants were on task and staying awake. We drank massive quantities of Mountain Dew, watched the cougars at the bar across the street try to pick up one of our unsuspecting programmers, and had a great time.

Thanks again to our sponsors 10gen, Github, and OpenShift!

P.S. The Anonymous Rosy the Riveter is my design. Everyone loved it!


EDIT: It is unfortunate, but due to circumstances, I ended my relationship with VentureLeap, along with the rest of the team. I hope all of the individuals involved in the development are able to pick up the pieces and move on. No hard feelings.

Yo, dawg. We heard you liked startups, so we started a startup that helps startups start up.


The website is mine, designed with the assistance of the lovely Stephanie Guerra and the less lovely but equally helpful Cameron Spear.

Everyone on the VentureLeap team has contributed an immense amount of time and energy on getting this startup going, and we’re hoping to make something of it.

Misc. coding adventures

Here’s what I’ve been up to recently:

Moved all my websites off of Hostgator

I’ve used Hostgator for a long time now, circa 2005, and they’ve never done me wrong. Even when I worked at Adworkz, we hosted a bunch of stuff on them. Their service has always been top-notch, and I have very few complaints.

hostgator logo

However, most of my “professional” sites are hosted on one of my Linode VPS’s. My Linode is fast fast fast, due to my NGINX/PHP-FPM/microcaching setup. For the price, you can’t beat a Linode if you need a VPS. Anyway, my Hostgator account has been redundant for almost a year now, so it was time for it to go.

Github action

Perhaps just to prove that I actually do code things, I just put up three new Github repos. They might not be the greatest things ever created, but I’m proud of all of them, since I’ve had to learn quite a bit of stuff just to get them to work. I coded them from scratch, I did. They’re also part of my systematic approach to mastering Python and/or Devops.

Github Social Coding

In particular, the fabfile I put together was a major lifesaver when it came to moving all of the stuff off of my Hostgator account. Setting up the new databases, configuring NGINX, and installing WordPress was a cinch, thanks to Fabric.

If you’re of the programming persuasion, I’d love it if you took a peek at them and tell me what you think.

Adventures in MongoDB

I’ve started a new MongoDB Tumblr over at Tumblr. Does that even make sense? Whatevs.

Anyway, check it out: http://oplog.tumblr.com/

I’ll try to keep it updated with the latest MongoDB stuff as I learn it/discover it. I could just blog aboot it here, I suppose, but I like the idea of keeping that particular thing separate.

Also, check out the new Spokane MongoDB User Group that I’m a co-organizer of. If you’re interested in MongoDB and live in Spokane, join up!


HTML Build Command for Sublime Text 2

So, I love Sublime Text 2. It’s got all/most of the features of Textmate, with a better designed scripting and module system. Every config file is an easily read and modified JSON file, and the built in Python console is awesome. (I’m biased as a recently converted Pythonista, but it’s still pretty cool for people of other persuasions)

Previewing an HTML document isn’t built-in out of the box, like Textmate, and there are a few different packages available in the Sublime Package Control system, but I wanted the preview function mapped to the build system, ALA Python or Ruby.

When you code a Python script, you hit cmd-b and it runs the script right then and there and shows you the results in the built-in command console. You get so used to it, that you think “Hey, why doesn’t previewing an HTML file work this well?”

Well, here’s how to do it: In the menubar go to

Tools->Build System->New Build System...

Then copy and paste this code into the resulting file:

Save the file as html.sublime-build and you’re done!

In whatever html file you’re working on, hit cmd-b and it will open the file in your default browser.

Easy peasey.

The Hukilau Song

If anyone says that the Hukilau Song isn’t one of the greatest songs ever written, then that person needs to find an active volcano and dump themselves into it.

I first heard the song a few years ago at a talent show, where my friend Ron (from Hawaii) played it on his obviously well-loved ukelele. It’s not an overly exciting song, but waves of warmth and happiness simply flowed into my earholes as Ron played it.

And now you too can recall to your friends and family how happy you felt when you heard this song.

You’d better, or I’ll find a suitable lava pit to dump you in myself 🙂

Bob Newhart on Mad TV

If you haven’t seen Bob Newhart’s cameo sketch on Mad TV, you haven’t lived: