A designer table just for Macs

Here’s an item that I am officially putting on my wishlist. A table designed just for Macs and Mac lovers.

For all of those “gotta have it all” Mac people, like myself, this is awesome. Soon I shall be placing my Powerbook, 30″ Cinema display, iPhone, and iPod all on their very own table.

And it comes with a fishtank. Beat that Microsoft!

Best Free Software for Mac OS X

Best Free Software for Mac OS X

Linotype FontExplorer X – Let’s get this right off the bat. I am a font nerd. I love fonts. I have lots of them. I know more about them than you. And I am telling you that you should use this program to manage your fonts because it is awesome.

Adium – Adium is a free IM program for Mac that can connect to AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, and others. It’s skinnable, pluggable, and has an adorable duck. Need I say more?

Google Earth – It’s amazingly addicting, but also useful. I recently planned an entire trip to Vancouver, BC using only Google Earth.

NeoOffice Aqua – It’s still in Beta phase, but dammit, it’s good enough. I officially have zero Micro$oft applications on my computer, and NeoOffice Aqua is now at the point that I feel no shame in using it.

The Unarchiver – OS X’s built in zip utility is ok, Stuffit Express is fine, but the Unarchiver is best. It will open a ton of different compressed files, and integrates nicely with the OS.

Unison – Usenet is totally oldskool, but it doesn’t have to feel like it. Unison makes an attractive solution to browsing Usenet newsgroups and makes a great tool for downloading information. It will automatically group .PAR files together and assemble them together for your downloading pleasure.

Transmission – The most simple and direct BitTorrent client for OS X. Want a fast download without having to think about it? Transmission is for you.

Handbrake – From the same programmer as Transmission comes this great utility for ripping your DVDs to MPEG format for viewing on your iPod. My art history uses this to rip sections of movies to show to our class on the big projector. Make backups of your favorite movies simply and cleanly.

Text Wrangler – Who needs Dreamweaver? Buy yourself a copy of Head First Html with CSS and XHTML, download Text Wrangler, and soon you’ll be on your way to your blackbelt in webmastery.

Yahoo! Hosting and Email

I’ve had a Yahoo account for about 10 years now, and I’ve stuck with them through thick and thin. So when it came time for me to start up my own web page to host a photo gallery, I decided to stick with good old Yahoo!

But the times, they are a changing.

As good and as cool as Yahoo is, it is limited by the fact that it has approximately 8.6 billion users. What that equates to is that they don’t trust no one. And that includes YOU, the faithful Yahoo Plus! account owner/Geocities Plus! account owner/Web Hosting owner.

I suppose it is great for those who are looking to set up a simple blog, or to just host photos and such, but what gets me is that I’ve had the feeling that I’m being sucked into a deep crevasse, and the only one with the rope is a man named Yahoo! and he’s gonna hafta charge ya for the service of pulling you out.

So 10 years its been. Dear friend Yahoo? I knew him well.

Geek vs Life Anti-Pixel Badge

Show some respect! Here’s a badge for you peoples to be using to show your allegiance to the G-V-L. Use it wisely, for fear that it may fall into the hands of the un-believers.

New Bloggenest blogger

Hey there boys and girls! It’s me! Your favoritist blogger, Dan! Joe invited me to be a contributionist to this here dating service blog for hairless men geeks.

Here’s what you can expect from me:

1. Really really boring information about fonts
2. Random stuff
3. Rants and Raves
4. Love advice
5. Fashion Advice
6. More random stuff