Misc. coding adventures

Here’s what I’ve been up to recently:

Moved all my websites off of Hostgator

I’ve used Hostgator for a long time now, circa 2005, and they’ve never done me wrong. Even when I worked at Adworkz, we hosted a bunch of stuff on them. Their service has always been top-notch, and I have very few complaints.

hostgator logo

However, most of my “professional” sites are hosted on one of my Linode VPS’s. My Linode is fast fast fast, due to my NGINX/PHP-FPM/microcaching setup. For the price, you can’t beat a Linode if you need a VPS. Anyway, my Hostgator account has been redundant for almost a year now, so it was time for it to go.

Github action

Perhaps just to prove that I actually do code things, I just put up three new Github repos. They might not be the greatest things ever created, but I’m proud of all of them, since I’ve had to learn quite a bit of stuff just to get them to work. I coded them from scratch, I did. They’re also part of my systematic approach to mastering Python and/or Devops.

Github Social Coding

In particular, the fabfile I put together was a major lifesaver when it came to moving all of the stuff off of my Hostgator account. Setting up the new databases, configuring NGINX, and installing WordPress was a cinch, thanks to Fabric.

If you’re of the programming persuasion, I’d love it if you took a peek at them and tell me what you think.