How to make a dubstep beat

I’ve always wondered how people make dubstep, so I sauntered over to ye olde YouTube and found some tutorials. There are some really good ones, but so far my favorite and easiest to understand video is this one:

So now I understand, it’s all the same basic FM synthesis stuff that I’ve known about all along, but applied extremely liberally. Take the wobble bass, for instance. I had no idea that it was simply a triangle wave with a low-pass filter triggered by an automation track and dirtied up here and there with some bitrate desampling and other glitchiness. So cool.

But look how much work that is just for 8 measures. A full song would be, what? like 200 measures?

(140bpm / 4 beats per measure * 6 minutes)?

That seems like a lot of work for one song, although I suppose a lot of it is repeated and modified, so it’s not *as* much work. Still, it’s really cool that people invented this kind of music, because we need to scare more grandmothers.