New Job!

New Media Consultant. I love the sound of that. Fortunately, I believe that is my new title at my new job working for my school. They needed someone familiar with Web 2.0 technologies and online marketing strategies. While I’m no expert, I do know a little about what’s going on, and that’s what counts.

Now that I have an official goal to pursue, it should be easy to find out exactly what it takes to become an expert.

To start, I need to hunker down and do some research. Like, right now 🙂

11 reasons to move to Pakistan

11 die in Pakistan kite festival

The spring festival is traditionally celebrated with the flying of thousands of colourful kites [AP]

At least 11 people have died and more than 100 injured at an annual kite flying festival in eastern Pakistan.

The spring festival is traditionally celebrated with the flying of thousands of colorful kites.

The deaths and injuries were caused by stray bullets, sharpened kite-strings, electrocution and people falling off rooftops at the conclusion of the two-day Basant festival on Sunday, Ruqia Bano, spokeswoman for the emergency services in the city of Lahore, said on Monday.

The festival is regularly marred by casualties caused by sharp kite strings or celebratory gunshots fired into the air.

Kite flyers often use strings made of wire or coated with ground glass to try to cross and cut a rival’s string or damage the other kite, often after betting on the outcome.

Curious about the US Interstate Highway system?

Here are two things of interest

1)The fonts on the signage has been around since your Grandpa was your age. Here’s a link to a guy’s page that has them all. Make your own signs! (Do yourself a favor and DO NOT use the “Clearview” imitation versions. That’s a clear copyright and intellectual property violation. The older ones are public specification.)

2)Here’s a map of the entire system constructed during the Eisenhower administration. Click on the map to see the full size.

Interstate Highway Map

Guess who regulates Daylight Savings Time?

Go ahead, guess.

Would you believe the US Department of Transportation?

The National Institute of Science and Technology has an extremely interesting FAQ that deals exclusively with time and the phenomena of Daylight Savings Time. For instance, we all know that Arizona doesn’t follow DST. But did you know that there is an indian reservation inside Arizona that does?

So anyway, the rules regarding DST change this year. This year DST will be 238 days long, as compared to the 210 days of DST last year.

The changes are drastic enough that even Apple had to release an update to deal with the change.

What’s coming up

I have too many projects coming up, and I have no idea how I’ll find the time to get them all going.

  1. Plan a trip to Vancouver, BC. I’m in charge of our photo club on campus, and I managed to get the student government to give us some funds to go visit Vancouver. Now I have to plan the trip, but I have about 10 to 15 people to arrange for. Yikes!
  2. Organize a new campus publication. Last year I managed to put together a book for our photography club.This year, I want to aim even higher. After seeing the response to our book on campus, I’ve decided to push ahead and try to make it a full-on campus publication on the level of the student newspaper (that I happen to work at) and the literary arts journal that is published once a year. I have the full support of the entire photography/art department, but can I get the necessary funding from student government to make it a reality?
    Friends of Don Cover
  3. Organize an online portfolio for my writing/photography/graphic design. First I have to get everything together into one place. Then I have to edit them appropriately for the web. Then I have to find the best way to present them online. This sucks.
  4. Create a new arts magazine. This is the dream that I am kicking around. I want to publish an independent magazine for the arts. Possibly a Seattle arts magazine? I dunno. I’m interested in the publishing side. I really need to find someone to help me with the content side. I have an old friend that I’m discussing things over with, so help should be on the way.
  5. Volunteer to help re-build in New Orleans. My friend Tony is going there in March, and he said that if I get my things in a row I should be able to join him. That would be awesome.

Digital 911

Check this out. People are proposing a “craigslist” style 911 system for people to post emergencies to. Post your video, post your pics from your camera phone, post your name and number for contact, yada yada, firemen and SWAT are on their way.

I sincerely hope that we don’t have to rely on the internet for all of our emergency stuff. What if some terrorists decide to wipe out a few key central servers? We’d be screwed.