Without beans there would be no chili. Without chili there would be no chili dogs. Without chili dogs, the global hot dog market would crash. If the global hot dog market crashes, pork futures crash. If pork futures crash, pigs will take over the world. If pigs take over the world, well, it wouldn’t be much different than it is today, except there still wouldn’t be chili dogs.

Thank God for beans.

What have I been up to – August 2014 edition

I haven’t posted anything on my blog since February, so it’s time for a status update. Here you go.

First things first, I should introduce you to my lovely gf Kelsey:


She really is the best. She thinks like me, but doesn’t act like me, which is great.

I’ve also been really busy working at the Spokesman-Review, improving our website and working on various internal tools. We’re iteratively working on the overall site redesign, taking one section at a time and replacing the templates with our new responsive templates. You can see the difference if you visit spokesman.com/outdoors/ and compare it to the main site homepage at spokesman.com. We feel it’s a big improvement, but there are a lot of moving parts to figure out and re-arrange before we can replace the core homepage and stories templates for the rest of the site.

Right now I’m busy planning our next SpoCode event, which will be rad. Here’s the hand-crafted logo I made:


Finally, I just stepped down last week from my position at Rebooked, the company I co-founded back in April of 2014. The idea came out of Startup Weekend and was just so compelling that we decided to push forward with it and build it into something great. The local business community has been nothing but supportive of the project, and although I’m no longer on the team, I wish them the best.


How to drive in the snow

Here is my obligatory “How to drive in the snow” for snow dummies article.

* Drive really fast. The coefficient of friction is at about 1.2 without snow, but with snow it goes all the way up to 3.2 gigaohms! That means that the higher your velocity, the faster you drive, the more traction you’ll have. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but I’m a professional.

* Hit your brakes at the last possible moment. Again, this relates to Freud’s theorem of least significant intransigence. By slowing down early, you’re increasing the likelihood that someone behind you will impact your vehicle at a high speed because they weren’t paying attention. Which will likely cause them to slam on their brakes and cause a 14-car pileup, thus making my bus late.

* 4WD and AWD vehicles make you immune to snowy or icy conditions. As do winter tires. I’ve seen their commercials, and you can’t lie on commercials.

That’s about it.

Happy anniversary to me

So, apparently I registered this domain on December 31, 2003. Archive.org has a record of my site from 2004, but it errors out.

archive.org error message

But look at that! Geocities! Ha, I forgot about that. It was a Yahoo! site, but I recall I mainly set it up so I could get my email (dan @ thisdomain.com), which by now has a spam-to-email ratio of potato.

You’ll notice there isn’t much activity until I converted it into this blog in 2007, which is not coincidentally after I went back to school to get more learnin. In retrospect, I wonder where the earliest posts are? I must have an SQL file or WordPress XML export of the earliest stuff, since my first post on this blog certainly *wasn’t* the cross post from geek-vs-life.com. Speaking of, I should contact those guys and see how they’re doing. (If you’re reading this, what’s updog?)

It’s so weird. If I read through my old posts, I notice both how I was self editing (I have insider knowledge about the things that weren’t posted, or that *were* posted but got me fired ;p), but also how darn arrogant I seem sometimes. If I knew then what I knew now… I probably would have been even more arrogant.

Keep me away from people, people.

Anyway, happy anniversary to me.

1980 Kawasaki KZ750 Twin

I purchased an inexpensive 1980 Kawasaki KZ750 Twin from a friend. Here’s what it looked like when I got it:

After having some engine work done by Al at Silver Bullit Cafes, I started work by flipping the stupid clubman handle bars the proper direction. My assumption is that the previous owner discovered that the front turn signals were too big, so they just put the bars on backwards. It was an easy fix.

That color, that hideous “ruby” red maroon color, had been sitting in the sun for too long and had turned into a sort of pinkish lavender color. Doing what any self respecting man would do, I rattle-canned the beast.

The next steps are: Replace the seat, paint the front fender, paint the 6″ black racing stripe down the tank, clear coat everything.


Deep Fried Beer

We were joking at the Spokane Build Guild meeting last week, when someone suggested Deep Fried Beer.

Such a good idea. Deep Fried Beer. It’s like combining Darth Vader and Pink Floyd into one entity, it’s so cool.

This of course leads us to wonder, “IS it possible to deep fry beer?”

Yes. Yes, indeed.

The coolest OSX screen saver yet

If you’re into cats, that is. I’m not really into cats, but I am into annoying my room mate. This screen saver is likely to strain our relationship, but it is totally worth it.

Here’s the plan:

1) We will take this website (http://procatinator.com/):

2) Download the websaver screensaver from google code. (http://code.google.com/p/websaver/)

3) Add http://procatinator.com/ to the settings of websaver:

4) Enjoy, as random cat images dance to random youtube music whilst your room mate gets angry with you when you computer playing random music when you leave the room.

Confirm close

My attempt to freeze my computer

62 tabs? That’s it? Did I ever tell you about the time… But seriously folks, I’ve had up to 73 tabs open, but without this visual confirmation. I think I posted somesuch to the Twitters a long time ago, but it’s long gone the way of the electric dodo bird.