Hello. It seems you have found my site. It is meaningless and irrelevant. I don’t mean that to be snarky, I’m just being up front about any pretentious thoughts I might have about these things. I post things here that I need to post somewhere, and because I need a playground to test wordpress themes and plugins and such.

You’ll find I mostly write about music, and that is because I am a musician. With an opinion. That opinion might not always be correct, but it’s my site, so I can say what I want. I am the evil overlord and dictator over this miniature world. I feel so powerful.

Feel free to Google me for my other interests. I’m the only Dan Gayle on the internet who has any presence, so if it says “Dan Gayle”, it’s probably me. Unless it’s a freaky thing that I shouldn’t be involved in, you can assume that’s not me. But like Twitter and LinkedIn and stuff, that’s probably me.