Happy anniversary to me

So, apparently I registered this domain on December 31, 2003. Archive.org has a record of my site from 2004, but it errors out.

archive.org error message

But look at that! Geocities! Ha, I forgot about that. It was a Yahoo! site, but I recall I mainly set it up so I could get my email (dan @ thisdomain.com), which by now has a spam-to-email ratio of potato.

You’ll notice there isn’t much activity until I converted it into this blog in 2007, which is not coincidentally after I went back to school to get more learnin. In retrospect, I wonder where the earliest posts are? I must have an SQL file or WordPress XML export of the earliest stuff, since my first post on this blog certainly *wasn’t* the cross post from geek-vs-life.com. Speaking of, I should contact those guys and see how they’re doing. (If you’re reading this, what’s updog?)

It’s so weird. If I read through my old posts, I notice both how I was self editing (I have insider knowledge about the things that weren’t posted, or that *were* posted but got me fired ;p), but also how darn arrogant I seem sometimes. If I knew then what I knew now… I probably would have been even more arrogant.

Keep me away from people, people.

Anyway, happy anniversary to me.

Why does WP’s built-in thumbnail functionality suck so bad?

I’ll probably get flamed for this, but WordPress’ thumbnail functionality is the single largest pain point in trying to build a WP theme. It’s all well and good if you’re building a new theme from scratch, but if you’re coming in to build a new theme for pre-existing site? Heaven help you.

So this isn’t meant to be so much of a rage post, I seriously want to know why one of the most coveted carrots ever dangled in front of theme developers (WP’s thumbnail functionality) is such a PITA to work with and why is it so fickle? What’s the root cause, and what can I do to make it suck less bad?