The Hukilau Song

If anyone says that the Hukilau Song isn’t one of the greatest songs ever written, then that person needs to find an active volcano and dump themselves into it.

I first heard the song a few years ago at a talent show, where my friend Ron (from Hawaii) played it on his obviously well-loved ukelele. It’s not an overly exciting song, but waves of warmth and happiness simply flowed into my earholes as Ron played it.

And now you too can recall to your friends and family how happy you felt when you heard this song.

You’d better, or I’ll find a suitable lava pit to dump you in myself 🙂

Bob Newhart on Mad TV

If you haven’t seen Bob Newhart’s cameo sketch on Mad TV, you haven’t lived:

Free MongoDB course from 10Gen

I’ve been taking the free M101 MongoDB for Developers class offered by 10Gen, and I gotta say, it’s awesome.

mongodb courses

There are a few things that I love about the M101 course:

10Gen goes through MongoDB step by step, without any assumption of prior knowledge (although, you’re hopefully proficient at using the terminal on your computer.) The lessons are clear and simple, with a short quiz after each lecture.

Python and the Bottle microframework were chosen as the app development platform for demonstrating MongoDB. I couldn’t ask for more than this, since I’m currently learning Python also, and I’ve been using Bottle for a few things like a Google App Engine API that I developed for him. This will round out my knowledge of these components without distracting from learning MongoDB.