JavaScript setInterval is a pain in my behind

I’ve been debugging some javascript code that uses the setInterval function to loop through some some code, and I was pulling my hair out. Apparently there is a bug in the ECMAScript (AKA, JavaScript) itself concerning that function, where it doesn’t keep track of the process like a normal variable/function declaration should, so if you lose the reference to each and every instance of it, WHOOF it’s gone and you’re busy debugging something that SHOULD WORK (but doesn’t).

So yes, if you have ever wondered the best way to use setInterval, the dude at Wall of Scribbles done figured it out for you:

setInterval(): the sneaky basterd child of JavaScript

Deep Fried Beer

We were joking at the Spokane Build Guild meeting last week, when someone suggested Deep Fried Beer.

Such a good idea. Deep Fried Beer. It’s like combining Darth Vader and Pink Floyd into one entity, it’s so cool.

This of course leads us to wonder, “IS it possible to deep fry beer?”

Yes. Yes, indeed.