Laura’s Twelve Hundred Times

Laura is one of my all time favorite post-rock bands, despite the fact that a lot of people have never heard of them. Epic on the scale of Godspeed, but with less of the extended filler sections (Sorry Godspeed, you’re amazing, but seriously. If you tightened some of your stuff up, I’d listen to you more. As it is, some of the sections within some of your songs are like Robert Fripp’s noodling “improvs” in mid-era King Crimson. Probably fun at the time, but not really that musically interesting. But I digress.)

They’re heavy, soft, quiet, loud, intense and -->Insert post-rock adjective here<-- but to the best possible degree. Also, one of the rare post-rock bands that doesn’t mind having vocals. Andrew Chalmers’ voice kinda reminds me of Greg Lake of King Crimson/ELP, breathy and soothing, but with an edge. (Bonus points for two references to KC in one post! I’m on a roll!)

Anywho, new album. I’m in love!