Stupid Genres in MP3s Are Worthless

The “genre” in MP3 ID3 tags is the most worthless and annoying thing in my entire music catalog. For those curious, I’m referring to the ID3v2.3 tag, which is what most of my the songs in my iTunes library are tagged with.

It’s annoying because I want it to work, but it refuses to cooperate. I want to be able to sort my music just like I sort my radio stations. Here’s my indy alternative station, there’s my classic rock station, here’s my heavy rock station, my jazz station, etc. The problem, however, is that the concept of genres is inherently nebulous.

Where does a band like Death Cab For Cutie sit? In my indy genre next to Bon Iver? But they’re not really indy. In my alternative genre, next to Nirvana? These bands couldn’t be more different, and although they play that stuff on alternative radio stations, no one is going to say that Nirvana ISN’T alternative.

Stupid genres.

In any case, back to the ID3 tags. The reason I hate them is that I always have to edit them. If I rip a CD down, invariably the genre that it defaults to is retarded. Case in point, remember the Death Cab I was just mentioning? When I ripped Transatlanticism the genre was output as… Punk.