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My weird dream. With dolphins and buzzsaws.

Ok, so I woke up this morning, late for work. But before I did, I had a dream. Here it is in all its weirdo glory, just so I don’t forget.

It starts with a dolphin

So there’s a dolphin. We’re sitting next to a beach, and there’s an injured dolphin. I don’t remember why or how the dolphin was injured, thus it goes with most dreams. Several kids and myself, apparently I am a kid at this point, successfully help the dolphin swim back to sea and we all joyously jump around with joyful jumping.

(This, BTW, is an actual dolphin that I found on the beach when I visited Cannon Beach, Or.)

When I turn around, we transition into the backyard of a Minnesota-esque lake home. (So, yes, apparently there are dolphins that swim in Minnesota lakes. They feed off the bird-sized mosquitoes. You heard it here first.)

As we usually did every Fall, my family and I were helping my grandparents chop wood. Except, of course, that it was Summer in my dream. People were cleaning up this, and cleaning up that. Raking leaves, that sort of thing.

And then a ginormous tree falls on my head. Well, not on my head, around my head. It was like a great big oak tree with lots of limbs and leaves, and it spread out over something like 40 feet across. My dad, as dads tend to do in dreams, had an axe and was standing at the base of the tree, yelling at me for being in the way, as was usually the case in reality.

Enter the buzz saw

On the ground underneath the tree was a large buzz saw, the type of which you would imagine Snidely Whiplash trying to cut a tied up Dudley Do-Right with. Now folks, these saws are dangerous. (See the movie “Walk the Line” about Johnny Cash. His brother gets dead by one…)

(We actually had one that looked just like this, sitting in my yard in Mn. It was so cool. I think it’s still there. I’ll have to ask.)

I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to knock the buzz saw to the ground, while it was running. The saw blade broke off the machine, spinning across the yard.

Into the lake.

“Not again! We just got that back out of the water!”, my dad yells at me. And thus I discover the hows and why’s of the injured dolphin.

The End.