Why night/low light photography is awesome

I find it’s actually harder at times trying to make something interesting in perfect daylight. The reason?

The light isn’t interesting.

Photography literally means “light drawings”, and if your light isn’t interesting, or the contrast between the good light and the boring light isn’t high enough, you are going to have a hard time making interesting photos.

At night, you’re FORCED to find interesting light, because it’s often the only light you have. A street lamp. A broken window in an old building that is letting the light leak through. Moonlight.

So yeah, learn how to coax the best low light quality out of your camera, get yourself a tripod, and get to it!

All photos by me, if you’re curious. Ask permission if you want to use them.

Pink Floyd’s Welcome to the Machine — All on guitar

I’m an effect gearhead, and a lover of some fine Pink Floyd. I used to listen to the Wish You Were Here album every night before going to bed, and what Bill Ruppert does here for the song Welcome to the Machine is flippin’ amazing. That song is an effect heavy, synthesizer-laden mind trip, and the dude does it here all on guitar. (I guess this was so cool that even NPR did a piece about it.

Watch it:

Bacon Flavored Breath Mints

Bacon. Flavored. Breath. Mints.

Call me heretical, but I’m pretty sure that this is part of the sign of the Apocalypse:

And I saw, and, look! a pale horse; and the one seated upon it had the name Death. And Hades was closely following him.

The Revelation of John, Chapter 6, Verse 8

If you’re so inclined, you may purchase these on Amazon: Bacon Flavored Mints. Not an affiliate link, BTW.

UGG Boots are stupid

There was a giant ad in my email inbox for UGG boots, and it dawned on me how stupid they were. Not so much the boots themselves, but the fact that the company managed to convince otherwise sane girls to walk around all summer long with WINTER BOOTS ON.

Give credit to their marketing department though. Genius. It must have gone something like this:

“Sales are down Jim, what ya got?”

“Me? Uhh… Convince pretty girls that their feet need to be warmed by our cozy sheepskin boots, not just in the winter, but all year ’round?”

“Jim, you’re a natural.”

That’s how I imagine it must have went, except with an Australian accent.

And their logo is uggly. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Ace Ventura Rhino Birth – Funniest Scene in the History of Ever

I don’t care what anyone says, the “rhino birth” scene from Ace Ventura – When Nature Calls is the funniest scene ever caught on film. Sure, there may be some close contenders, but this takes the cake for Funniest Scene Ever, according to Dan’s Über Best Movie guide.

Rhino Birth – Funniest Scene in the History of Ever

Other Awards

Here are a few other scenes that the Dan’s Über Best Movie guide gives awards to:

The Black Knight – Best Action

The Battle of Wits – Most Thought Provoking

One Out of a Million – Most Romantic

FREE Radiohead OK Computer tribute album

Stereogum.com is giving away as a free download the album OKX: A Tribute to OK Computer, a song-by-song covers compilation of one of the greatest recordings of all time.

First of all, if you’re not intimately acquainted with Radiohead’s OK Computer, you need to drop everything you’re doing and go hide in a closet. Because I’m going to come kick you. Second, download this disc, because it’s pretty good. It’s not Radiohead, but it’s good. (Probably because Radiohead wrote the songs, duh.) The arrangements aren’t too shabby, and the interpretations aren’t annoying at all, which is something of a crap-shoot when it comes to tribute albums.

Download it here: OKX: A Tribute to OK Computer

No Surprises by Marissa Nadler Feat. Black Hole Infinity  
Download now or listen on posterous

10 No Surprises 2.mp3 (6248 KB)

Nolan Ryan vs Robin Ventura = Walmart Profiteering!

I was reading a recent article about the Seattle Mariner’s pitcher Cliff Lee getting ejected from a Cactus League spring training game, when someone posted information about a scuffle between Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura way back in the day.

As a kid, my favorite player was Nolan Ryan. He was like 80 years old, yet still better than most other pitchers. What happened one day was that Ryan beaned Ventura with his first pitch, and Robin didn’t like that so he charged the mound.

Walmart memories

Hilarity ensues, as Nolan Ryan calmly puts him into a headlock and starts whipping him with his fists of fury. It’s so humorous, if sadly violent, that Walmart sells autographed photos of the beating. The fact that they sell that photo is way funnier than the actual fight. Way to go Walmart!