Moved my blog to Posterous

Ha ha. Yeah, about this post… I really do like Posterous, but since I develop using WordPress, I always need a place to be the alpha testing stage. So I un-switched. So shoot me.

I’ve been looking at it for quite some time, but I’ve finally pulled the trigger. My website/blog/home of the awesome sauce, dangayle.com, has now been ported completely over to Posterous. As a web designer, I love the fact that I could totally do whatever I stinkin’ wanted on my site. I could host images, I could scrap the design at will and start over (which I have done, just not recently). WordPress really is one of the best solutions for a lot of people’s needs. But, as it turns out, it’s not the solution to MY needs.

WordPress = Boring and old and crappy

The problem is that I’m bored with it. I’m sick of the micro-updates that totally jack up the website every three months because someone introduced a new bug into the system. The fact that they haven’t branched WordPress into a secure long-term support (LTS) branch and a current branch has ruffled a few feathers, including mine. I’m sick of having to deal with updates. And, quite honestly, I’m bored with PHP, the foundation upon which the WordPress empire was birthed. No offense to PHP programmers, but the language feels old tech. I’m not even a fully qualified programmer, but I can see it. It Python the be-all, end-all? Judging by the size of the stupid O’Reilly “Learning PHP” and “Programming PHP” tombs, Python must be a beast. I don’t want to learn it simply because I like the O’Reilly books, but I don’t want to heave those things around. Maybe Ruby is the answer. Anywho, I’m straying off the point.

Easier to post = more posting = better blog

And while I control it, I never post to it like I should. A blog that no one posts to is simply fruity. Posterous makes it easier to post to because it uses an interface that I use all the time: email. I’m always emailing stupid videos or interesting links or whatnot to people. What I like about Posterous is that I can simply add post@posterous.com to the recipient list, and BOOM! Tough Actin’ Tinactin. I mean, BOOM! Posted to my blog. Like this John Madden Youtube video:

In conclusion

There really isn’t a conclusion. It’s going to be an ongoing debate in my mind, and at my place of work, what is the best platform/what is the best programming language/etc. I honestly think that we should be able to accomplish anything we can think of at this point, and if it’s a language or a platform that is getting in the way, then it’s old tech. Time to bring out yer dead and toss it on the pile, even if it’s not quite dead yet. So, yes, Posterous. I like it. I got it set up, posts imported, domain transferred, everything. Less than an hour. Sweet.