Steve Krug – Usability Essentials

If you haven’t read “Don’t Make Me Think”, you’re an idiot. Ok, not an idiot. Just not-educated in web usability. I recently purchased his new book, “Rocket Surgery Made Easy”, which is his expansion his chapter on usability testing on a budget, and I’m excited to get through it.

I spotted this video on Lukas Mathis’s ignore the code blog, and I thought it was worthwhile re-posting it here.

How to block your IP from Awstats

Although Google Analytics is great, for the price AMAZING, sometimes you want to look at your site numbers a little differently. That’s why I like looking at my Awstats from time to time to get into the nitty-gritty.

One problem though, when you realize that it doesn’t exclude YOUR visits from the logs. (Wow! There are a lot of Macintosh users with Firefox in the Spokane vicinity looking at my blog! I must be popular!)

To exclude your IP or host from the stats analyzer, locate the following file on your server, and open it with your text editor of choice:

Locate this section in the .conf file:

Within the SkipHosts="YOUR IP AND ANY OTHER YOU WANT TO EXCLUDE" section, enter the IP address of your network connection, and hit save.

Voilá! You are now skipped from your stats. Apparently, this doesn’t work retroactively, so you should see your stats changes from this point on.

Canceled show at the Empyrean Coffee House

I’m a bit disappointed, but the show that I was supposed to tonight, Tuesday January 12, play at the Empyrean Coffee House in Spokane, Wa got, canceled.

The Pioneers of Prime Time TV and Courtney Marie Andrews were on their west coast tour, dubbed the “Famous Toxic Cancelled Tour” by Thomas, and they were supposed to roll into town here and we’d get our jam on.

My poster for the canceled January 12, 2010 Empyrean Coffee House show

My poster for the canceled January 12, 2010 Empyrean Coffee House show

I have a couple of new songs up my sleeve, and I’d probably have had Thomas and Jon accompany me a bit, since they’re awesome like that. Thomas and I go way back, and he’s like 1000% better than I am, so he could play what I was going to play probably better than I could, even without hearing it. And Thomas says that Jon is 1000% better than him, so who am I to argue.

But, as these things happen, the Empyrean couldn’t get its new location opened in time to play there as scheduled. (The irony is that they’re set to open the day after, on Wednesday.)

Given the long drive, they decided to find another gig in Seattle instead of driving across to Spokane, which leaves me out of the loop.

Oh, poo.

Anyway, here is a taste of what they would have sounded like:

Look at that weirdness: Jefferson Elliot painting on stage with the Pioneers. Way to go Jefferson!