Care Bear Stare

Horribly Photoshopped, found from the internet Care Bear Stare

Note, this isn’t me. That isn’t my mustache. It’s someone else’s body, found on teh intarwebs. It’s a fake mustache.

In reality, this is in response to someone who said to me:

Hehehe I’m sorry please don’t, er, whimper. Here, let’s go find a care bear okay? Would you like that? A big fluffy bear and a nice ice cream so the figure skater doesn’t have to cry. 😀 (okay okay I might be aSLIGHTLY sarcastic individual….;)

An appropriately mature response, I’m sure you’re sure.

Open mic night

I love open mic nights. No matter how crappy someone sounds, everyone claps. Everyone enjoys themselves. Word.