Jónsi & Alex’ Riceboy Sleeps

Album Cover for Jonsí and Alex' "Riceboy Sleeps"

As the content of my website logs show, I’m apparently always being searched for Sigur Rós material. They are one of my favorite bands, and I did take some sweet pictures of them when they played at Benaroya hall, and I have written about them, so it’s really not THAT surprising.

In any case, I recently found out about the new album released by Jonsí of Sigur Rós, in conjunction with his partner Alex. Called “Riceboy Sleeps“, it’s basically a super mellow, mostly instrumental album along the lines of the more atmospheric things that Sigur Rós has done in the past. If you thought that ( ) or Takk were sleepy albums, you gotta listen to this.

Alex and Jonsí are the ones doing all of Sigur Rós’ design work, including the album covers, t-shirts, etc. Not surprisingly, this album looks like a Sigur Rós album. Had someone put that name on it, the only question would be, “Where are the drums?” It’s Takk-light, is what it is, without the brass.

Anyway, I acted too late to get the box set, so I’ll have to settle for the CD like everyone else. You can stream it on their website at http://jonsiandalex.com/music

New CSS Box Model

The W3C has just released a working draft of a NEW box model for CSS, to complement the already existing box models of CSS 2.1/3.

Called the “Flexible Box Layout Module” it is practically ripped straight out of the user interface methodology of Mozilla-based projects such as Thunderbird and Firefox called XUL.

My co-worker had some smarmy comments to make about it, which realistically are not out of line:

New CSS box model based on XUL
working draft. 🙁 that means we can use SOME parts of it, broken, in IE in 2013. 😀 😀
But yeah, it looks like the dialog code from XUL.
Wait… LOVE the authors list… EVERYONE but Microsoft. LOL

While the world moves on ahead, something in our guts tells us that Micro$oft is going to continue minding their own business, to the detriment to the web as a whole. IE6 is almost dead, but its descendants keep tilling much of the same ground their forebear left behind.

Regardless of MS, having more box model to play with is sweet. You want to be able to make operating systems redundant? The ability to create stable and usable User Interfaces is key. That’s why I love my Macs. The UI is peerless.

Giving the entire web the ability to make UI similar to Firefox is certainly a Good Thing™

Gypsy Punk is what it was!

Much to my chagrin, I’ve apparently been listening to a “genre” of rock called Gypsy Punk. (At least, according to Wikipedia…)

I discovered this on accident, as I was simply looking to see what bands were covered on Devotchka’s “Curse Your Little Heart” EP, when I noticed in the sidebar that good ole’ trustworthy Wikipedia had them listed under a genre I had never heard of.

So I says to myself, “Self, you should click on that link and see what all of this nonsense is about…” LO and BEHOLD!, there were a few other bands that I listen to also, like Beirut (EDIT: Beirut isn’t Gypsy Punk, but they def have gypsy music influence). I’m sure the others get tossed into my Devotchka Pandora station too.

Now, I’m not a giant fan of labeling types of music, but there is something to be said for being able to search for a common term and being able to have relevant results. For instance, if I Google “Post-Punk”, I know for a certainty that I am gonna find Joy Division in the results.

Self, you should click on that link and see what all of this nonsense is about.Me. A few paragraphs up.

So now, if I search for “Gypsy Punk”, I know that certain bands that I like will show up under that term, as well as others that I hadn’t previously known about.

Very cool.

Enjoy this video of Devotchka playing their song “How it Ends” live from 2006

Dave Brown AKA The Hulk

Finally got around to posting this from the premier of that Hulk movie with Ed Norton. Dave and I thought up the idea, and he was sufficiently brash enough to try to pull it off, much to the chagrin of his parents who found out post-movie.

I helped David select the clothing from some hipster used clothing store here in Spokane, then we appropriately ripped them to give them the impression of impressive musckulator-ness, and applied the green makeup. (Let me tell you, applying that kind of makeup to a sweaty dude’s back is not something that I want to attempt again for a very long time.)

Illustrator as a web design tool

Illustrator, how I love thee. I’ve missed you so much over the years.

I must apologize for being tempted by your more popular sister, Photoshop. Alas, I even dared to peek into your step-sister Firework’s pantry, even knowing full well that I would never love her.

I remember the days we spent making ads together, back in our younger newspaper days. Fondly, I recall the level of control you allowed over my designs, making my borders, swashes, and backgrounds a thing of beauty.

But, I left you when things got good. Because everyone was more familiar with Photoshop, and because all of the tutorials use her rasteriffic philosophies, I turned a blind eye to your best qualities.

With you, I can make a perfect box, line, border, or shape and always know that modification is only a matter of grabbing a control point. None of the messiness involved in masks or other such nonsense .

But now, after trying out her wares, I return to you, downtrodden and sorry. You make my life complete, and your artwork scales well.

May I never neglect you again.