The Wall-E Movie was awesome

Finallly, a graphics heavy movie that actually focuses on the stinkin’ story line. (Thank you, Pixar!)

Since moving to Spokane, I’ve seen more movies than I have seen in two or three years living in Seattle. I’m starting to figure out why I never watched too many movies before: Most of them were stupid. A lot of the newest movies I’ve seen confirmed that point for me: stupid.

But not Wall-E.

That movie was awesome. The graphics were awesome, the characters were awesome, and most importantly, the story was awesome. In typical Pixar fashion, the story is not compromised by the desire to have “flashy graphics” (ahem, here’s lookin’ at you Star Wars Ep I and II).

I love this movie to death. I never thought I could love a little trash compactor so much! The humanization of the robots in the story is spot-on perfect, so much so that you forget that you’re watching a completely CG character. Which, in my opinion, is the only viable option if you want me to actually like the movie.

Bring your kids, because it’s fun for the whole familia, without the unnecessary perversity and crudeness that plagues even kids movies these days.

Parallel Histories font

I never posted this before, but I figure it’s never too late. This typeface comes from the handwriting of Juan de Yciar of Spain, circa 1600 C.E. The book that these scans came from is in the Library of Congress, and it is easily one of the greatest looking pieces of handwriting I have ever seen.

Over 80+ pages of this scribal penmanship, beautifully illuminated and decorated, with gilt images and touches of flair throughout. It would seem to be appropriate for a great Spanish love story, but it’s actually quite mundane 🙂

Since it is Spanish, there were quite a few letters that didn’t exist, such as the maguscule and miniscule K, which is a sound that it taken care of by the letter Q in that language. (And look at that Q! That’s the non-swash variant!)

Overall, there are something like 400+ glyphs, including a tremendous amount of ligatures and swashes that are all coded in Opentype. I’m still working on just the basic latin character set and the spacing before I can unleash it into the wild.

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Golfing with the friends

Here’s a little putt putt minigolf outing of my friends and me at *Wonderland* in Spokane, Wa. It’s the first time I’ve ever edited a video digitally and uploaded to Youtube. It was fun!

I shot everything using my Canon Powershot G9, an awesome little camera. As you can see, the video quality is great. I bought the camera, though, because it is one of the only point-and-shoots that actually will shoot in RAW format. As a photographer, I highly appreciate that ability. The standard .JPEGs kind of suck, but that’s not what I bought it for to begin with.

I’ll have to do more videos, since that was super easy, and fun to boot!