Sigur Ros’ Heima DVD

New DVD Rocks!

(In an Icelandic way)

I just watched Sigur Rós’ new video Heima at a friend’s house. It was awesome! I was on the list from the band’s management to be at the screening here in Seattle, but I missed it. I’ve been waiting for this movie ever since I saw a preview for it a few months back.

I’ve been listening to the double album that they released at the end of ’07, and I’ve been in anticipation for a while. Luckily, my friend had a projector and a killer sound system to watch and listen to it.

It gets a touch, shall we say, slow at points, and sometimes I wish they wouldn’t cut from the music so much, but it was still great. (And I haven’t seen the 2nd disc yet, which has full versions of all of the songs!) It was nice seeing the country of Iceland too. Lots and lots of nothing.

I’m now officially Sigur Róssed-out.