Starting a new typeface

I was inspired by all of the activities of Typecon to start working on my own new typeface. I have some of the initial drawings sketched out already, but they’re not anything ready for public consumption yet.

The basic idea is t0 create an almost monolinear serif-ed typeface suitable for text use. It will be a vertically-stressed typeface, but have strong quill inspired diagonals for most of the horizontal strokes. (I.E., the lower case e has a strong diagonal bar.) In a way it is almost calligraphic, but with a monoline form it will be something entirely different.

I don’t intend on creating a billion weights for it because deep down inside I think of myself as a purist. If the Renaissance type designers could live with just a single weight, then so can I. (Italics are another matter. Gotta have italics. Bold? I don’t know yet. I’ll approach that when I get to it.)

As it is a text face, things like proper small caps and oldstyle numerals are essential.

It’s gonna take some time to get it going since I can’t sit down at a computer for 8 hours a day like a proper type designer, but I’ll keep plugging away.

Typecon 2007 pt III

Well, Typecon is over for another year. It was awesome! I posted before how many of the speakers I knew about, so as a test of how successful my networking skillz are, I figure I should revisit the list again.

  1. Christine Ahonen
  2. Marian Bantjes
  3. Ali Basit
  4. Jared Benson – Not bad at spinning the ol’ 80s tunes.
  5. David Berlow – His award was touching. I had a major part to play in this because I was responsible for the distrobution of his exclusive type specimen. I had him sign it for me. Sweet!
  6. John D. Berry – Met him, barely.
  7. Roger Black – Former designer of Rolling Stone and about a billion other high profile magazines.
  8. Robert Bringhurst – Author of the Elements of Typographic Style. Great writer, kinda seems too sophisticate for peeps like me.
  9. Jorge de Buen – Had dinner with him. Great guy from Tijuana.
  10. Veronika Burian – Lovely type designer. Met here at the closing dinner.
  11. Emilie Burnham
  12. Andrew Byrom
  13. Leslie Cabarga – Didn’t get a chance to have him sign his book, but I had a few very nice discussions with him. His presentation was very well done, also.
  14. Matthew Carter – Had several conversations with him. I even had him critique Jelloween’s newest font! Great guy, very down to earth.
  15. Nadine Chahine – Works for Linotype. Gave an awesome presentation on Arabic type design and history. Also at dinner with Jorge.
  16. Art Chantry – I spoke with him after his presentation. Lives down in Tacoma, Wa, so he invited me to come visit his studio. This guy is just a good ol’ boy who likes his beer cold and his jeans blue.
  17. Karen Cheng – Gave a good presentation about the work she does with her students at the UW.
  18. Nancy Sharon Collins
  19. Leonardo Vázquez Conde – Leonardo! He and Amy Redmond of the School of Visual Concepts were attached at the hip! His presentation along with Gabriel Martínez Meave was easily one of the highlights of the week.
  20. Carl Crossgrove – Hey, he wore my wig. That’s got to count for something. Didn’t get him to sign his type specimen though. Too bad.
  21. Simon Daniels – Si wooed the crowds with his “Battlestar Helvetica” t-shirt.
  22. John Downer – John was awesome! He’s originally from around here, and he gave a great presentation. He also helped in the type crit with Matthew Carter.
  23. Mike Duggan
  24. Rodney Shelden Fehsenfeld
  25. Laura Franz
  26. Jimmy Gallagher
  27. Tim Girvin
  28. Shelley Gruendler
  29. Bruce Hale – NW designer and hand-letterer. I recently met him at my school. Cool guy.
  30. Allan Haley – He’s the chaiman for SOTA, so we worked a lot together over the week. Nice guy.
  31. Chris Han
  32. Bill Hill
  33. Cyrus Highsmith – Gave a hilarious presentation.
  34. Gary Hustwit
  35. Grant Hutchinson – Veer. (He also twitters)
  36. Mark Jamra – He made these nice hand pressed bookmarks for everyone’s gift bags.
  37. Richard Kegler – P22 Founder. He wore my wig! His wife is also very cool.
  38. Akira Kobayashi – Helped critique Jelloween’s font.
  39. Kevin Larson – Research guy from Microsoft’s Typography group
  40. Mikhail Leonov
  41. Karl Leuthold
  42. Peter Lofting
  43. Emily Luce
  44. Pete McCracken
  45. Karen Madsen
  46. Sergey Malkin
  47. Anastasios Maragiannis
  48. Frank J. Martinez
  49. Steve Matteson
  50. Gabriel Martínez Meave
  51. Jeremy Mende
  52. Edward Mendelson
  53. Eric Menninga
  54. Susan Merritt
  55. James Montalbano – Designer of Clearview Highway typefaces, the new ones being used for highway signage around the US and the world.
  56. Carl Montford – NW Letterpress guy
  57. Paul Nini
  58. Amy Papaelias
  59. Jon Parker
  60. Mike Parker
  61. Carolyn Parsons
  62. Joseph Pemberton – A typophile
  63. Thomas Phinney – Adobe’s Product Manager for Fonts & Global Typography. Lives here in Seattle. I had lunch with him a while back. Great guy. Hi Thomas!
  64. Pamela Pfiffner
  65. Will Powers
  66. Robynne Raye
  67. Amy Redmond
  68. Jay Rutherford
  69. Judy Safran-Aasen
  70. Aida Sakkal
  71. Mamoun Sakkal
  72. Murray Sargent
  73. Dan Shafer
  74. Juliet Shen
  75. Nick Sherman
  76. Nick Shinn – Type designer at Shinntype.com
  77. Miguel Sousa – Type designer for Adobe
  78. Jessica Spring
  79. Cary Staples
  80. Michael Strassburger
  81. Ilene Strizver
  82. Adam Twardoch – Fontlab programmer/guru
  83. Jim Wasco
  84. Jenny Wilkson
  85. Spyros Zevelakis
  86. Chris Zodrow


The transformation of an Award Winning Eighties Maniac

Who’s your daddy, I ask of you?

Here’s the transformation of joe schmo Dan Gayle into the
Typecon2007 1980s party best male costume. Rather than the cocaine and
New Order vibe, or the Flashdance vibe of the others, I instead opted
for the 80s midwestern white trash vibe. (The hat says Happy Days, by
the way…)

It was awesome, because it added about 20 years to me, and no one recognized me at first glance.