1st Place Feature Photo

I almost forgot to mention this, but I recently won an award for Best Feature photograph by the Washington Community College Journalism Association! Out of the entire state of Washington and all of its community college newspapers, my photo was selected as the best!

Woo Hoo!

The photo was of the band Sigur Rós who performed at Benaroya Hall here in Seattle last year. The show was friggin awesome, and the lighting crew did all of the work, but I don’t mind taking credit for the awesome photos I took there. Thanks Sigur Rós!

Typecon 2007 pt II

Starting Monday, July 30, I get to help volunteer for NerdfestTypecon 2007, which is coming to Seattle this year. My roomate is giving me the hardest time about being excited for this, but so what? It’s gonna be fun.

The following speakers will be attending. Let’s see if I can recognize even a few names…

  1. Christine Ahonen
  2. Marian Bantjes
  3. Ali Basit
  4. Jared Benson – Typophile guy?
  5. David Berlow – The boss at the Font Bureau
  6. John D. Berry – NW writer about graphic design at Creativepro.com
  7. Roger Black
  8. Robert Bringhurst – Author of the Elements of Typographic Style. I saw him earlier this year and had it autographed!
  9. Jorge de Buen
  10. Veronika Burian
  11. Emilie Burnham
  12. Andrew Byrom
  13. Leslie Cabarga – Author of the Logo, Font, and Lettering Bible. Maybe I’ll get him to sign mine?
  14. Matthew Carter – Creator of the typeface that you are reading. And Verdana. And Charter. And Galliard. Need I say more?
  15. Nadine Chahine
  16. Art Chantry
  17. Karen Cheng – Author of the book Designing Type. Another sig?
  18. Nancy Sharon Collins
  19. Leonardo Vázquez Conde
  20. Carl Crossgrove – Designer of the typeface Beorcana.
  21. Simon Daniels – Program Manager of Microsoft’s Typography Group. Lives here in Seattle. Hi Si!
  22. John Downer
  23. Mike Duggan
  24. Rodney Shelden Fehsenfeld
  25. Laura Franz
  26. Jimmy Gallagher
  27. Tim Girvin
  28. Shelley Gruendler
  29. Bruce Hale – NW designer and hand-letterer. I recently met him at my school. Cool guy.
  30. Allan Haley
  31. Chris Han
  32. Bill Hill
  33. Cyrus Highsmith – Another Font Bureau guy
  34. Gary Hustwit
  35. Grant Hutchinson – A typophile
  36. Mark Jamra
  37. Richard Kegler – P22 Founder
  38. Akira Kobayashi – Designer of FF Clifford and head honcho of typography at Linotype.
  39. Kevin Larson – Research guy from Microsoft’s Typography group
  40. Mikhail Leonov
  41. Karl Leuthold
  42. Peter Lofting
  43. Emily Luce
  44. Pete McCracken
  45. Karen Madsen
  46. Sergey Malkin
  47. Anastasios Maragiannis
  48. Frank J. Martinez
  49. Steve Matteson
  50. Gabriel Martínez Meave
  51. Jeremy Mende
  52. Edward Mendelson
  53. Eric Menninga
  54. Susan Merritt
  55. James Montalbano – Designer of Clearview Highway typefaces, the new ones being used for highway signage around the US and the world.
  56. Carl Montford – NW Letterpress guy
  57. Paul Nini
  58. Amy Papaelias
  59. Jon Parker
  60. Mike Parker
  61. Carolyn Parsons
  62. Joseph Pemberton – A typophile
  63. Thomas Phinney – Adobe’s Product Manager for Fonts & Global Typography. Lives here in Seattle. I had lunch with him a while back. Great guy. Hi Thomas!
  64. Pamela Pfiffner
  65. Will Powers
  66. Robynne Raye
  67. Amy Redmond
  68. Jay Rutherford
  69. Judy Safran-Aasen
  70. Aida Sakkal
  71. Mamoun Sakkal
  72. Murray Sargent
  73. Dan Shafer
  74. Juliet Shen
  75. Nick Sherman
  76. Nick Shinn – Type designer at Shinntype.com
  77. Miguel Sousa – Type designer for Adobe
  78. Jessica Spring
  79. Cary Staples
  80. Michael Strassburger
  81. Ilene Strizver
  82. Adam Twardoch – Fontlab programmer/guru
  83. Jim Wasco
  84. Jenny Wilkson
  85. Spyros Zevelakis
  86. Chris Zodrow

22 out of 86? That’s 25% baby!

Not bad for off the top of my head, eh? I’ve only met a few of them personally, but I recognize the others. Out of all of them though, Matthew Carter is clearly the Top Dawg. He’s one of the few living greats among type designers, including Hermann Zapf and Adrian Frutiger who are amazingly still alive and Robert Slimbach of Adobe. It will be so cool to meet him!

Anyway, I get to help lug around boxes and set up tables, etc. At least, that’s what I figure I’ll do. I know that Sii has set me up with a Mariner’s ticket to the Red Sox, so that will be awesome. Since I live here, maybe I’ll get a chance to lead some people around? Who knows?

Typecon 2007
August 1-5
Crown Plaza, Seattle