Holy cow, Batman! This site opens up so many legal problems, I can’t even begin to imagine the possibilities. Want to check out a newspaper’s website without having to register?

Bugmenot lists totally valid logins to use at your leisure. You can even submit your own login, should you be foolish enough.

If a pay site, like OED.com finds out, they totally ban it, but other sites apparently don’t care.

New Job!

New Media Consultant. I love the sound of that. Fortunately, I believe that is my new title at my new job working for my school. They needed someone familiar with Web 2.0 technologies and online marketing strategies. While I’m no expert, I do know a little about what’s going on, and that’s what counts.

Now that I have an official goal to pursue, it should be easy to find out exactly what it takes to become an expert.

To start, I need to hunker down and do some research. Like, right now 🙂