Curious about the US Interstate Highway system?

Here are two things of interest

1)The fonts on the signage has been around since your Grandpa was your age. Here’s a link to a guy’s page that has them all. Make your own signs! (Do yourself a favor and DO NOT use the “Clearview” imitation versions. That’s a clear copyright and intellectual property violation. The older ones are public specification.)

2)Here’s a map of the entire system constructed during the Eisenhower administration. Click on the map to see the full size.

Interstate Highway Map

New Student Typography Site!

My new project is Typestudent.org. I created the site because there was a need for student-oriented resource for type and typography. For instance, I want to catalog all of the various student discounts available to students such as software/hardware/fonts/etc.

I’m working on the site infrastructure and forum construction right now. There are only a few people signed on to help out so far, but that’s because I want to iron the kinks out before I announce it publicly.

It’s gonna be sweet.

TypeCon 2007

Woo Hoo! All of the best type designers and typographers from around the US, Canada and the world will be converging on my fair city in August! The convention will be held from August 1-5 here in Seattle, and it’s gonna be a blast. Since both Adobe and Microsoft have their main type departments here, and the InDesign team for Adobe, it should be a real treat.


Membership at SOTA, the group that puts on the convention, is now available for registration after a hiatus. You should sign up!

Guess who regulates Daylight Savings Time?

Go ahead, guess.

Would you believe the US Department of Transportation?

The National Institute of Science and Technology has an extremely interesting FAQ that deals exclusively with time and the phenomena of Daylight Savings Time. For instance, we all know that Arizona doesn’t follow DST. But did you know that there is an indian reservation inside Arizona that does?

So anyway, the rules regarding DST change this year. This year DST will be 238 days long, as compared to the 210 days of DST last year.

The changes are drastic enough that even Apple had to release an update to deal with the change.

What’s coming up

I have too many projects coming up, and I have no idea how I’ll find the time to get them all going.

  1. Plan a trip to Vancouver, BC. I’m in charge of our photo club on campus, and I managed to get the student government to give us some funds to go visit Vancouver. Now I have to plan the trip, but I have about 10 to 15 people to arrange for. Yikes!
  2. Organize a new campus publication. Last year I managed to put together a book for our photography club.This year, I want to aim even higher. After seeing the response to our book on campus, I’ve decided to push ahead and try to make it a full-on campus publication on the level of the student newspaper (that I happen to work at) and the literary arts journal that is published once a year. I have the full support of the entire photography/art department, but can I get the necessary funding from student government to make it a reality?
    Friends of Don Cover
  3. Organize an online portfolio for my writing/photography/graphic design. First I have to get everything together into one place. Then I have to edit them appropriately for the web. Then I have to find the best way to present them online. This sucks.
  4. Create a new arts magazine. This is the dream that I am kicking around. I want to publish an independent magazine for the arts. Possibly a Seattle arts magazine? I dunno. I’m interested in the publishing side. I really need to find someone to help me with the content side. I have an old friend that I’m discussing things over with, so help should be on the way.
  5. Volunteer to help re-build in New Orleans. My friend Tony is going there in March, and he said that if I get my things in a row I should be able to join him. That would be awesome.

A Redesign for my Grandma’s Tax Office

I recently had the opportunity to redesign the logo for my grandmother Judy’s tax office here in Seattle. The office and logo were started in 1968, give or take, by my grandpa Clifford. When he passed away my grandmother took full control of all the family businesses.Over the years the logo has been neglected and trashed by the various print shops, etc, and there doesn’t exist a high resolution original any more. There exist no fewer than 3 different versions slapped together by various printers, and none of them match. Additionally, the logo hasn’t been on their business cards or other stationary for a long time.

So my grandma decided that it was high time to fix things. At first, I was going to scrap the original logo altogether and make something with a totally different feel to it. Cooler heads prevailed, and instead I chose to update the original logo as you see here:

The typeface is Univers 49 Light Ultra Condensed by Adrian Frutiger, which just so happens to be the same typeface used on the Cure’s Pornography album.

So the design is about to go to press as we speak. I’m getting estimates from various printers for her entire office’s stationary and mailing supplies. I’m looking forward to seeing it come to life!

A great bargain for nice fonts!

Ascender, the company that distributes Microsoft’s core fonts such as Georgia, Verdana and Tahoma, has a great offer available right now.

The Creativity Font Pack is a nice selection of OpenType fonts available for $20. You’d think that the selection would be a bunch of cheap shareware fonts, but no. They actually licensed a few typefaces that are really nice. There are a few stupid display faces that are throwaways, but the remaining selection is nice.

Just look up the names to see the value. The Font Bureau typefaces are usually over $40 a piece. Today Sans is $35 a piece. Coquette? $29.

These are a few of my favorites, in no particular order:

  • Briem™ Operina – An Arrighi chancery.
  • Columbus™ (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic) – A revival of a typeface used in Spain in 1513, and an italic by Granjon from 1543.
  • Coquette™ – An interesting and playful script form Mark Simonson.
  • Eagle™ Bold & Light – Variations on a type from Morris Fuller Benton designed by the fine folks at the Font Bureau.
  • Goudy Text™ – An “old English” or blackletter typeface designed by the master, Frederic Goudy.
  • Skyline Bold Condensed™ – Another Font Bureau typeface, this one a revival of a “Modern”-style typeface by Imré Reiner.
  • Today Sans™ (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic) – A humanist sans that I particularly enjoy.

Thanks Dino dos Santos!

I recently purchased part of the Leitura type family available from DSType, and it is really nice. I bought Leitura Sans and Leitura Headline because I really wanted a nice, unique humanist sans.

I’m not in love with Myriad, Frutiger or Syntax. And I loathe Gill Sans. I’d like to maybe get Cronos from Adobe since it was designed by Robert Slimbach and would match his other typefaces that I own, but it is too expensive.

Leitura Sans is very nice, and the way that Dino dos Santos integrates the entire family as a complete system is awesome. You’d really have to look at his amazing type specimen to understand what I mean. (EDIT: which of course is now not even displayed on his site)

Myfonts.com has this nice example of the family:

Leitura Sample

Anyway, I contacted Dino to let him know I appreciated his work, and we got into a little conversation. One thing led to the next, and before I knew it Dino had emailed me samples of both Leitura and Leitura News as samples! Awesome!

So thanks Dino!

You can purchase it here. Get it now while it’s on sale 50% off for the month of February!